White-Label Social Media Platform Solutions

UrSocial’s Whitelabel Social Media Platform provides a unique environment to expand the growth of your company/content community!

Our Whitelabel Social Platform, allows you to have your own Facebook-like social media website with features you expect like live private messaging, social posting, post sharing, group creation, a plethora of monetization options, & more!


100% Whitelabel




Clean & Modern



In-Built, & Flexible Monetization Options

You deserve to get the word out about our new event, product, or service; unfortunately, traditional social media platforms, have strict “community guidelines” they must pass before allowing you to syndicate your content throughout their platform. Recognizing this, URSocial’s Whitelabel Social Media Platform provides immediate control over how far your reach is, that way you’re TRULY in control of your content!

PayPal & Stripe Subscription(s) Integration

Online PPV Event(s) Creation

Google & Native Ads Integration

& Much More!

State-of-The-Art Community Protection, & Security

Securing your community’s information is paramount to building your brand safely & effectively. Unfortunately, We’ve all heard of “data leaks” causing a severe, yet understandable loss in user confidence! That’s why UrSocial employs Fort Knox-level security measures so that you can feel confident knowing your user’s information will be protected!

Detailed User-Tracking & User Engagement Reporting

Let’s face it, no one enjoys doing “guesswork” to determine how subscribers engage with their content; & complicated interfaces often leave us more confused than enlightened. That’s why you’ll have at your fingertips an easy-to-understand interface that shows you what’s working & what isn’t to make the most out of every opportunity!

Total Platform User Counts

Post-Engagement Tracking

Total Video Viewing Duration

& Much More!

White-Label Social Media Platform


Stripe Account Sync

Attach your Stripe Account to your Whitelabel SM Platform to monetize through subscriptions & more!

PayPal Account Sync

Attach your Paypal Account to your Whitelabel SM Platform to monetize through subscriptions & more!

Social Media Login

Give your subscribers flexible access to your Whitelabel SM Platform by using our Social Media Login Integration

Email Provider Integration

Easily connect your own email service to your Whitelabel SM Platform to keep your subscribers up-to-date & engaged

Social Media Sharing

Share your Whitelabel VOD Content to your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, & more!
Whitelabel Social Media Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Whitelabel Social Media Platform Work For Me?
In short, yes. UrSocial’s White Label Social Platform is designed for content creators of all sorts! Whether you create content about baking, beauty tips, fitness, sports, or anything else, we’re able to accommodate your brand & create a content-focused streaming experience that you & your subscribers will love!
How does the Pricing Structure Work?
  • Each plan requires a ONE-TIME $1,750 Set-up, Configuration & Deployment fee to cover things like server costs & maintenance hours.
  • The “Per Member-Per Month” pricing entails implementing a subscription model for your users & paying UrSocial on a per-paying-subscriber, per-month basis.
Do I have to pay extra for the WhiteLabel Features?
The short & sweet answer is “no”. Regardless of the plan you choose, the UrSocial V.O.D Platform is Whitelabeled “Out of The Box” with no hidden or additional fees.
Are there any kind of content restrictions?
The only restrictions we have in place is content that promotes direct threats of violence or harm to others, & pornography. Either of these 2 content types found on our platforms will be automatically removed & restricted from accessing our platform indefinitely.
Are there any discounts available?
We do offer package pricing for our Whitelabel VOD & Whitelabel Social Media Platform combination.

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