White-Label Contest Marketing Solutions

UrSocial’s Whitelabel Contest Marketing Platform provides you the opportunity to increase your exposure &, more importantly, sales on a massive scale!

Our Whitelabel Contest Marketing Platform, allows you to “gamify” your brand, products & more. Simply stated, creating a fun, & incentivized environment where your customers are rewarded for actively engaging with your brand, sharing your products/services & encouraging others to do the same!


100% Whitelabel







Flexible E-shop Integration(s)

It’s no secret that, regardless of the “type” of campaign you’re running, the primary goal is one thing, MORE SALES. Luckily, our state-of-the-art Contest Marketing Software integrates with BOTH Woocommerce & Shopify stores, giving you advanced reporting of how our WhiteLabel Contest campaigns are impacting your bottom line!

Over-all Campaign Revenue Metrics

Enhanced "Revenue Source" Reporting

Per-Contestant Sales Tracking

& Much More!

Contest Campaign Protection, & Security

Securing your contest campaigns from contestants who look to “game the system” is critical to building your brand, rewarding all contestants fairly, & having an accurate picture of the campaign’s real results. That’s why UrSocial utilizes high-level security systems to mitigate contestants who may want to “win at all costs” so that you can feel confident knowing your contest campaign will be safe, fun, & accurate!

Real-time User-Tracking & Detailed Performance Reporting

Let’s face it, no one enjoys doing “guesswork” to determine how their campaigns are performing, or how subscribers engage with their content; & complicated interfaces often leave us more confused than enlightened. That’s why we’ve designed an easy-to-navigate interface that shows you what’s working & what isn’t to make the most out of every opportunity!

Total Contestant Counts

Total Cross-Platform Share Counts

Total Revenue Per-Contestant

& Much More!

White-Label Contest Campaign Platform


E-Shop Connect

Connect your Shopify, or Woocommerce Store to your Contest Campaign for easy revenue tracking & more!

Multi-Platform Sync

Complete compatibility with  Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Salesforce, AWeber, Zapier, Keap, SendFox & more!

Multi-Platform Sharing

Award contestants points for sharing your content on platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter & More!

Whitelabel Contest Marketing Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Contest Campaign Work For Me?

In short, yes. UrSocial’s White Label Contest Campaigns are designed for content creators, & companies of all sorts! Whether you create content for subscribers or provide products/services to customers, UrSocial’s Contest Campaigns provide a fun & unique experience that your market base will love!

How does Pricing Work?
  • Simply put, the cost to set up, configure & deploy your contest campaigns are 100% upfront cost FREE, no strings attached, no questions asked.
  • The UrSocial Contest Campaigns are ENTIRELY results-based & results-driven. In other words, there’s no monthly, or per-campaign minimum amount due. In essence, UrSocial is compensated based upon a percentage of gross sales as a direct result of your contest campaign!
Do I have to pay extra for the WhiteLabel Features?

The short & sweet answer is “no”. Regardless of the UrSocial Contest Campaigns & the Contest Campaign Platform is Whitelabeled “Out of The Box” with no hidden or additional fees.

Are there any kind of contest restrictions?

Contest Campaigns MUST adhere to certain applicable federal & state laws surrounding contests & sweepstakes. UrSocial holds no responsibility for prior research into these laws & is not responsible in any way for accident or injury, or loss of revenue resulting from contestant actions. We do not offer contest campaigns to companies & platforms that provide sexually-related material, or illegal substances or products.

Are there any discounts available?

Due to the pricing structure of the Whitelabel Contest Campaigns (Described in the FAQ: “How does pricing work?”) – discounts for contest campaigns are inapplicable

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